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A palace in the heart of the Alava plain houses the Parador de Argómaniz. It is located on a privileged balcony just a few kilometres from the Ullíbarri-Gamboa Nature Reserve and Mount Gorbea. It is a peaceful place to disconnect and enjoy nature, located in a strategic point in the north of Spain. The 1712 building, known as the Larrea Palace, is in Renaissance style and has a history worth knowing.

One of the most special areas of the Parador is its Aletegui restaurant, located in what used to be the palace’s granary. It maintains the wooden coffered ceiling from the year 1700 and has characteristic porthole windows reminiscent of a Basque tuna boat.

Just 12 kilometres from the Parador de Argómaniz is Vitoria, a green and cosmopolitan capital, where we can enjoy its history and exquisite gastronomy.

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