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Penedès 360 – The Original


From immemorial times humans have felt the need to discover what surrounds us, to travel, to try, to see new spaces, to have new experiences. This is the Penedès 360: a route through the territory that will approach you to unknown environments, unsuspected paths. The proposal sews the territory, from here the zigzags that you will find there, from the east to the most western part, passing by the plain of the Penedès. The idea is to cycle through the villages, the scattered, the wineries, the hermitages on the roads, quiet roads, tracks that will take you to charming vineyards, with Montserrat framing them as ubiquitous scenery.

There are no technical difficulties and the route is one hundred percent cycleable, however we recommend that you take it as a small trip that must be savoured, stopping to look at the popular architecture that you will find, to retain the different tones of green, or ocher, depending on the time of year. In addition, you will find additional routes that will take you to a winery, a castle, a viewpoint … Take advantage of them!

The route is designed to do with a gravel bike or similar and, of course, also a mountain e-bike is a good choice. The route has no technical difficulties: there are many sections of paved rural road and taxiway, although there are some more broken road links.

Remember that throughout the itinerary you will find accommodation of all kinds, adapted to your needs, which will help you to make the route in stages, which you must design according to your abilities and interests.

The Route

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