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Dormio Resort Costa Blanca Beach & Spa – Amadorio Reservoir


Gravel Route Dormio Resort Costa Blanca Beach & Spa – Amadorio Reservoir

Immerse yourself in a thrilling gravel ride that will take you from the luxurious comfort of the Dormio Resort Costa Blanca Beach & Spa to the serenity of the Amadorio Reservoir. This route offers you a unique experience on the Costa Blanca, combining adventure and nature at its best.

Distance: Approximately 47 kilometers

Difficulty: Moderate.

Description of the Route:

  1. Departing from the Dormio Resort: Your adventure begins at the elegant Dormio Resort Costa Blanca Beach & Spa. Make sure you have your bike in perfect condition and enough water and provisions for the trip.
  2. Camino de Gravel: Start the tour on a gravel road that winds through the natural environment of the Costa Blanca. Enjoy the beauty of the coastline and the mountainous landscapes on the horizon.
  3. Ascent and Descent: As you progress, you’ll encounter challenging climbs and thrilling descents. Take the opportunity to test your skills on the bike and enjoy the panoramic views.
  4. Arrival at the Amadorio Reservoir: The final destination is the magical Amadorio Reservoir, an oasis of peace surrounded by mountains. Here you can stop, rest, and enjoy a well-deserved picnic by the water.
  5. Return to the Resort: After recharging, make your way back to the Dormio Resort. You’ll enjoy new scenery on the way back and can relax on the beach or at the resort’s spa upon arrival.

This gravel route is perfect for those looking for an outdoor adventure that combines cycling with the natural beauty of the Costa Blanca. Remember to wear a helmet and safety gear, and respect your surroundings throughout the journey. Get ready for an exciting and memorable experience!


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