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Via Verde de los Ojos Negros in stages

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Discover the Ojos Negros Greenway by bike and cross three provinces in a single trip.

A Greenway is an old railway line that has been rehabilitated as a route for cycle tourism. This proposal on the Ojos Negros Greenway includes detours to explore places of great scenic, cultural and gastronomic value that are close to the original route.

The Ojos Negros Greenway is the longest in Spain, and we also offer you the following options to customize your trip if the number of stages in this pack does not fit you:

3 stages and 3 nights. Approximately 140 km. from Teruel to Valencia.

4 stages and 4 nights. Approximately 180 km. from Teruel to Valencia.

5 stages and 5 nights. Approximately 230 km. from Albarracín to Valencia.

Any of the routes proposed on the Ojos Negros Greenway is a beautiful and suitable option, especially recommended for those who travel with family or friends and want to start their cycling adventure.

These stages are simple and offer a fascinating landscape experience. In addition, you can also rent an electric bike for those who prefer it!

The price includes bed and breakfast. 3 and 4* hotels or rural hotels, luggage transfer between hotels (1 piece per person), track in digital and GPX format, route book and documentation, access to a navigation APP, informative briefing and 24-hour telephone assistance.


Day 1: Arrival at the first hotel the night before the start of the first stage. Arrival in Albarracín.

Today is a relaxing day to explore Albarracín and its charming streets before starting to pedal. Here, we will have the briefing about the route, equipment delivery, and more. This day is meant to relax and prepare for cycling the Vía Verde Ojos Negros.

Day 2: Albarracín to Teruel, 45 kms

During the first stage, we'll explore the south of Aragon while traveling through its beautiful valleys before descending towards the Mediterranean Sea.

Day 3: Teruel to Sarrión, 50 kms

The second stage holds numerous surprises. We'll journey through a variety of forests, including pine groves, oak groves, and juniper forests, as we traverse different valleys and mountain ranges on our way to the coast, providing us with a sense of relaxation as we move forward.

Day 4: Sarrión to Segorbe, 65 kms

As we progress, the pine groves continue to accompany us, and soon, fruit tree plantations such as loquats, oranges, lemons, and figs will start to appear. While descending, we'll cross numerous bridges and tunnels that transport us to the past, reminding us of the era when the railway traversed these same lands. Before reaching Segorbe, we'll stop in Navajas to behold the impressive "Salto de La Novia."

Day 5: Segorbe - Sagunto to Canet de Berenguer, 43 kms

We're nearing the end of the Vía Verde Ojos Negros as we pedal amidst fruit trees and pine groves. After completing the original route of the Vía Verde Ojos Negros, we'll reach the sea.

Day 6: Sagunto to Canet de Berenguer to Valencia, 40 kms

The city of Turia awaits us surrounded by orange trees. Don't forget to try the horchata!

Day 7: Explore the Albufera Natural Park, 40 kms

To conclude this magnificent cycling journey that has taken us from Albarracín to Valencia via the Vía Verde Ojos Negros, it's time to relax in the Albufera and discover its beauty. Enjoy it to the fullest!


Short Option
3 stages and 3 nights starting from Teruel Price from 357€ per person in double room
360.00 €
4 stages and 4 nights
Departure from Teruel. Price from 476€ per person in double room
476.00 €
5 stages and 5 nights
Departure from Albarracín Price from 595€ per person in double room
595.00 €
6 stages and 6 nights
Departure from Albarracín Price from 714€ per person in double room
714.00 €

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