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Tenerife: all Teide climbs

Climbing Teide by bike is one of the biggest challenges for any cyclist on a trip to Tenerife.

Aristotle said in his book VI of Metaphysics that “Being” is said in many ways: it is entity, it is place, it is time, it is act, it is power, it is truth and it is also non-being.

Likewise, Tenerife is also said (or experienced) in several ways, but in all of them it is still an entity related to Teide. 

Wherever you go, wherever you come from, if you are in Tenerife your path will inevitably lead you to the attractive power that is Mount Teide, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007.

If you are planning a cycling trip to the island, surely you have in mind a cycling expedition to Mount Teide. To make it easier for you, here are 6 different ways to climb Mount Teide. We recommend to enjoy the route within the limits of the effort, as you will hardly find another similar scenery.


  1. Before you start: 10 peculiarities of Mount Teide
  2. Climb to Teide by Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  3. Climb to Teide by Santiago del Teide
  4. Climb to Teide by Puerto de la Cruz
  5. Climb to Teide by El Médano
  6. Climb to Teide by Guía de Isora

Before you start: 10 peculiarities of Mount Teide

  1. Its summit at 3,718 m is the highest peak in Spain.
  2. The extension of the Teide National Park represents 19,000 of the 203,000 hectares of Tenerife
  3. Teide National Park is the most visited in Spain and Europe, with around three million tourists each year.
  4. It is recognized as an almost unique manifestation of volcanism in the world, whose structure of the Teide-Pico-Viejo caldera and stratovolcano is hardly comparable to the characteristics of other volcanoes.
  5. If you are traveling with the family, and not everyone wants to climb Mount Teide by bike, the cable car is a good opportunity to ascend from its base station at 2,356 m above sea level to the top station at 3,555 m.
  6. If you plan to travel in spring, you are likely to find some strange alien vegetation called red tajinaste. It is a shrub that can easily reach two meters and blooms with thousands of red flowers, an enchanting landscape that will charm you.
  7. The volcanic landscape surrounds a much richer fauna than one would expect a priori, with insects that you will not see elsewhere and with iconic reptiles like the blight lizard (moreover, in danger of extinction due to climate change), the perenque or the smooth.
  8. The Canary Islands have a regional law known as “Ley del Cielo” (Law of the Sky), which regulates the light pollution that may exist on the island. This is because Tenerife is one of the best spots in the world for stargazing. If you are one of those who dream of looking at the sky, do not forget to visit the Teide Observatory of the Instituto Astrofísico de Canarias. It is located at 2370 m above sea level, and you will hardly be disappointed. And if so, you have no soul.
  9. You can take photos, you can save thousands of videos and your memory will surely save a little deviation from your cycling stories on El Teide. But do not take any stone from the National Park as it is forbidden! 
  10. Climbs to Mount Teide, wherever you come from, require considerable physical effort and a level of prior training, maybe not suitable for all public. So, before you venture out, make sure you are trained for it.

Climb to Teide by Santa Cruz de Tenerife 

A first possibility if you want to climb (and if you like strong challenges) to El Teide is to do it from the capital: Santa Cruz de Tenerife

From there, you will have to cover more than 60 km at an average of 4.6%. This side of El Teide passes through Las Lagunetas and its main handicap is the mileage, although there are no breathtaking ramps, there are few downhill sections. We will accumulate over 2,300 positive elevation changes before reaching the base of the cable car. 

Climb to Teide by Santiago del Teide

If you’ve been a little worried with the first option, this second alternative might seem a bit more achievable. From Santiago del Teide it is 40 km to cycle at an average of 4.38% to the base area of the Teide funicular.

Unlike the first ascent, the accumulated height difference is 1,584 m, an ascent that is always demanding, but at the same time more achievable.

If you want to add more difficulty (when we say “a little more” we mean a lot more effort), instead of starting from the urban center of Santiago del Teide, you can do it from Los Gigantes, with great views on the majestic cliffs of nearly 600 m.

Climb to Teide by Puerto de la Cruz

We return to an alternative for unshakable minds. Although shorter than the one that leaves from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 45.4 km of distance that separates Puerto de la Cruz from the base of the Teide cable car with a drop of more than 2,300 m and an average of 5.2%. The charm of starting in this area, in addition to Mount Teide, is given by the curves overlooking the sea of la Orotava, with the Aguamansa pass towards the green mountain pass until El Portillo.

The views are unbeatable, but on this route there is one point to be considered: this may be the route with the most traffic. So you will have to balance both.

Climb to Teide by El Médano

El Médano is one of the municipalities in Tenerife with the longest tradition of cycle tourism, so an essential route to Mount Teide. Almost 50 km with an average of 5%. On this route we will cross the winding terrain of Granadilla de Abona and Vilaflor before entering the exceptional landscape of Teide. As in the case of Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the cumulative drop will be greater than 2300 m. 

Climb to Teide by Guía de Isora

The last option is from the Cycling Friendly community Guía de Isora. From the comfortable Playa de San Juan, we will face nearly 52 km of distance at an average of 4.6% and 2,400 m of accumulated slope

Have you already decided which side of Teide you are going to do on your next climb by bike? Remember that if you wish, we can advise you on accommodation, bike rental and other routes within Tenerife

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