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The hardest climb sections of Majorca

It’s a wrong belief that in Majorca there are no climbs with slopes over 15%.

They are among us, just like UFOs, but not everyone can see them. We found a few anyway and we’ll share the secret with you.

1 – Sobremunt

Without a doubt a climb with the hardest 3 kilometers in Majorca. From the second to the fifth kilometer, average of more than 11% with slopes over 20%, and broken asphalt in the last section so the grip of the bike is more difficult and requires even more effort.

 2 – Lassarell

One of the most unknown and difficult climbs in Majorca! A last mile and a half that forces some cyclists, who try to crown this ascent of Pollença, to stand on sections with an average of more than 14% and slopes of more than 20%.

Lassarell (Mallorca)

3 – Puig de Maria

Impossible to do with the racing bike until the end as there is a section of dirt road, but you can test your legs on the hellish 2km asphalt (although maybe not as hellish as the cocktail in the pub where you should never have been!). By what perverse spirit did the climbs of Pollença originate? Take advantage of the rest areas to brave constant averages of over 12% and slopes of nearly 20%, you will appreciate it the next day.

Puig de Maria (Pollença)

4 – Son Font

Hidden in the also little-visited urbanization of Calvià, you will certainly appreciate its “rest sections” of 7%, having different sections with averages of more than 11% and slopes of more than 15%. Similar to Sobremunt but with intervals.

Son Font (Mallorca)

5 – Port des Canonge

From the first half kilometer to the third of this ascent in Esporles, we find one of the most difficult sections of Mallorca, averaging 9.3% over two and a half kilometers and with a complicated sequence of hairpin turns with a lot of slopes.

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