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Three MTB routes by Marga Fullana in Majorca

Marga Fullana, the legacy of Majorca in the MTB world.

The former bronze medalist at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and five-time world champion is widely recognized, especially in her hometown, Sant Llorenç des Cardassar.

It is for this reason that the Majorcan champion, in collaboration with the Sant Llorenç des Cardassar City Council, decided to create three MTB routes around this town. Vall di Sole, Are and Sierra Nevada, are named after places where Marga Fullana won a gold medal. The distances, between 19 and 39 kilometers, make them suitable for all levels.

Let’s present them!

 1. Ruta Are (Green)

In this case, the shortest of the three routes, the Are (green color) with just over 19 kilometers and 140 m of positive slope. It is a route suitable to all levels, without great difficulty and without a technical section. A good plan to introduce you to MTB in the region.

2 – Ruta Sierra Nevada (Blue)

For those who want a little more thrills and a more technical section than the Are course, there is an intermediate option with 29 kilometers and 260 meters of positive slope. Although a little more difficult than the first, it is still quite suitable.

3 – Ruta Vall di Solé

This is the most extended version: 39 kilometers with a positive slope of 280 m that starts in the epicenter of Sant Llorenç and ends on the coast, on the beach of Sa Nau. We also have the possibility of doing a small variation in Punta de n´Amer.

La deportista mallorquina Marga Fullana
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