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Tips for a solo bike getaway

Join a group or cycle solo?

Cycling in a group has a myriad of virtues: conversations while pedaling, support when you climb a mountain pass that you can’t quite get over, the cake binges that you indulge in because others do the same…

However, no less virtues can come from cycling solo. Even if you are planning a bike tour, it can be a very special experience not to ride with any company other than your thoughts.

Such is the debate about cycling solo that there are Reddit threads discussing the benefits of a solo cycling trip. 

We don’t want to convince you to isolate yourself forever from your two-wheeled companions, but we want to show you that you can also have a completely different experience.

The reasons to cycle solo …

  1. You don’t depend on anyone
  2. You go at your own pace and with your conditions
  3. You get lost in your thoughts
  4. You can stop when and as many times as you fancy
  5. You’ll gain confidence
  6. It allows you to focus on your training plan
  7. You don’t have to put up with the stressful group member
  8. No fighting for the coffee stop

…and some tips to keep in mind so that everything runs smoothly

  1. Make yourself visible
  2. Prepare your route before
  3. Don’t use headphones
  4. Get a repair kit ….. and make sure you know how to use it
  5. Also take a kit…but a first aid kit
  6. Notify someone before you go or track your location
  7. Start on low-traffic routes
  8. Charge your mobile and don’t miss coverage
  9. Have the sources checked to fill the waterbottle
  10. Carry cash or your credit card

8 reasons to cycle solo on your next getaway

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1. You don’t depend on anyone

Have you ever been dumped at the last minute? Do you have a friend as an adventure companion who is always late? Tired of arguing in a chain of endless WhatsApp messages about which route to take on the weekend?

None of the above will happen if you are cycling solo. You will leave at the time you decide, you will do the route you want and you won’t waste time arguing.

2. You go at your own pace and with your conditions

Whether you’re the kind of person who pushes too hard or the kind of person who lags behind and suffers the pressure of limping to keep up with your teammates, if your next bike ride is solo, you’ll be the master of the pace. Release the pressure!

3. You get lost in your thoughts

Have you ever experienced what it is like to combine physical with mental activity? As long as you’re riding at a moderate pace and your brain doesn’t notice an excessive lack of oxygen, going out to cycle activates you both physically and mentally. It probably won’t solve many of your day-to-day problems, but it will help to clear your mind.

4. You can stop when and as many times as you fancy

We’ve already said it: you go at your own pace. And since you are cycling at your own pace, you can stop as often as you think necessary: enjoy a landscape, rest a little, eat in peace …

5. You will gain confidence

If you’re not the typical group leader who has everything under control and more like someone following certain guidelines, cycling solo and at your own risk is a way of realizing that you don’t need anyone to plan your next bike route.

6. Allows you to focus on your training plan

If you have a specific training plan, doing it in group can sometimes be a bit more tedious, as not everyone is willing to adapt to your needs. On the other hand, if you go out on your own, you can focus the route la ruta on what you are really interested in: climbs, sprints, resistance, etc.

7. You don’t have to put up with the stressful group member

It’s okey to admit it: even your best friend can turn into one of those hard-to-endure cycling profiles: the hyper-competitive, the one who looks at you over his shoulder for wearing a $ 20 jersey, the one who anticipates ALL the details of the course, the reckless one who encourages you to fall off the cliff like him…

8. No fighting for the coffee stop

Juan loves La Paqui coffee, Ana loves Don Pedro’s cakes and Andrés loves to feel like a foodie when he walks into the exclusive bike bar at [put your favorite cyclist or triathlete name here]. Food is a mainstay of bike rides, but it’s not always easy to come to terms with the rest.

If you are cycling solo, you can get to the spot you like the most … or all of them!

10 tips to keep in mind on your solo getaway

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1. Make yourself visible

When cycling solo, keep in mind that you should focus on safety and prevention more then going in a group. When you go solo, you are less visible on the road than in a group, and that implies that it is necessary for you to pedal with this in mind.

Use security lights if necessary, wear eye-catching clothing that is easy to identify, and make sure hand signals are clear.

2. Prepare your route before

If this is your first solo bike ride, we recommend that you plan the route, and if possible a route that you have already done. This way you can compare the same route, and notice the difference when you are cycling solo or in a group, avoiding unforeseen events that you did not take into account because you did not know the route.

3. Do not use headphones

Whether you are going solo or with others, and especially when you are riding on the road, the use of headphones involves the loss of a sense which is also essential for a safe course. In Spain, it is forbidden and can result in a fine of up to 200 euros.

4. Bring a repair kit with you … and make sure you know how to use it

In your group of bike enthusiasts, there will surely be a handyman who will be there whenever someone has a problem. Be clear on what to do when you have a flat tire, the steering becomes looser than necessary, your bike chain comes loose … you will avoid making an emergency call to have something basic fixed.

5. Also take a kit … but a first aid kit

Falling is always a possibility that you should keep in mind when riding a bike. We don’t want to be bad omen, but if you take a basic set to cover wounds in the event of a fall, you will avoid being without one if something happens.

6. Notify someone before you go or track your location

With a particular instant messaging app that many of us use, we can share our location in real time for a number of hours. There are also specific apps, and it will calm you and your loved ones because they know where you are.

If possible, let someone know that you are cycling solo and if you can give them your cycling locations, all the better.

7. Start on low-traffic routes

Ride on roads with good infrastructure and little traffic to gain confidence when riding solo. This allows you to focus on cycling rather than the risk of being hit by a car at high speed.

8. Charge your mobile and don’t miss coverage

Cycling on routes of mountain passes or places far from civilization entails the risk that there is no satellite connection, so that you cannot communicate in the event of an accident. If you can’t get around it, at least keep it in mind and ride with maximum safety during this section.

9. Have the sources checked to fill the waterbottle

You never know how thirsty you get on your route, so you better leave home calmly and not worrying that at some remote place you will run out of water.

Before you leave, check in which cities you have access to public sources. And when you’re not cycling through city centers, there are petrol stations and wells at your disposal.

10. Carry cash or your credit card with you

No one is free to suffer from a bonk -even if there are methods to try to avoid them-, so maybe at a certain moment you require a technical stop to regain strength and eat well.

So, avoid leaving home without money. When it comes to paying, it will make things much easier for you than to negotiate with the hotelier on duty.

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