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Eurovelo 8


Eurovelo 8 spans 7,560 km connecting Cadiz to Greece on a journey across the Mediterranean to get the most out of your bike. Fancy to discover Spain with the Eurovelo 8? Learn more!

Eurovelo 8: the Mediterranean route

Eurovelo 8 in Spain crosses the entire peninsula on the Mediterranean side, from Catalonia (537 km), continuing through the Valencian Community (517 km) and the Region of Murcia (190 km) and finally ending in Andalusia (696 km).

On your way through Eurovelo 8 in Spain you will reach Tarifa, a spot where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Sea meet. During all stages of Eurovelo 8 in Spain you will enjoy some of the most emblematic spots of Spain and its people. Dancing Flamenco in Andalusia, enjoying the excellent Murcian orchard, tasting the best paella in the world in the Valencian Community and endless attractions more in the Catalan region.

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Why Eurovelo 8 as a cycling destination?

Mediterranean climate: Moderate temperatures.

When to travel: March to June and September to November are the best months to do Eurovelo 8.

Points of interest: Sagrada Familia (Barcelona), City of Arts and Sciences (Valencia), Picasso Museum (Málaga)

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Recommended bikes: Choose from a wide selection of rental bikes ideal for cycling through the different sections of Eurovelo 8

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