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Girona Gravel Ride

22/09/2024 6:00 am









In September 2023, as part of the Sea Otter Europe, a new edition of the Girona Gravel Ride is scheduled. This route allows you to discover the Gavarres, a rounded massif with ideal forest routes to venture out on a gravel bike. The departure will be from Rambla Xavier Cugat at 9.15 am, and the approximate arrival time of the first participants is estimated at 3.30 am. Solid supplies at kilometers 44 and 62. The registration fee is 48 euros, with a supplement of 10 euros if registration on the same weekend of the test..


The race

During the course, the trail isn't signposted, the participant must therefore orient themselves on the track with the GPS. The start will take place in Girona, from where the northern section of Gavarres will be bordered parallel to the river Ter. Departing from Monells, the route enters Gavarres, where there will be a steady climb between holm oaks and cork oaks. Away from traffic, we can go around its entire western section, through emblematic places such as the Santuario de los Ángeles or the Castle of San Miguel. The entrance to Girona is via the Valle de San Daniel with the Galligants River by our side. 

We are faced with a circular route of low technical difficulty of 78 km, with a cumulative slope of about 770 m.


Where can I stay for the Girona Gravel Ride?

The best accommodations with Cycling Friendly certification in Girona. Find your favourite accommodation!


Where to rent a bicycle?

At Cycling Friendly we have a wide selection of bicycles to rent for the Girona Gravel Ride. Find yours!

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