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The Traka

28/04/2023 10:00 pm


On April 29 and 30, 2023, Girona is the territory of Gravel with the celebration of The Traka. A complete non-competitive cycling experience in which you can participate in the modalities of 50, 100, 200 and 360 km respectively.

For the 200 km and 360 km modalities, over two days, the participants must be guided by the GPS route provided by the organizers.

If you are a Gravel enthusiast, this Gravel Earth Series circuit event is for you.

Why participate in The Traka?

The Traka smells of camaraderie, nature and the essence of cycling. It is one of those events where the most important thing is not to struggle for the best time, but to reach the finish line enjoying the participation. And so that everyone can take part in this event, it has up to 4 different distances. You can stop as often as you need to re-energize, but don't rest on your laurels either. Because we love Gravel, we believe The Traka is a great opportunity to share a unique experience in Girona.

When is the next edition of The Traka?

The 2023 edition of The Traka Gravel event is cheduled on April 29 and 30.

What distances and what are the routes?

In total, The Traka has 4 distances. The longest distance is 360 km with a slope of 4,500 m that is to be challenged in a max time of 32 h. It has up to 5 aid stations where you can get energy with rice, pasta, isotonic drinks and even potato omelette.

We can also choose to participate in the 200 km and 2000 m slope in a max of 15 h. In this case there are 4 different refreshment stations.

These first two modalities start on the 29th and finish on the 30th of April. 

If one of these modalities seems too much for you, you can opt for the 100 km and 50 km distances, with 7 and 4 h time limit to challenge them respectively.

How much does it cost to participate and how can I sign up?

The price to participate in The Traka varies depending on the modality in which you participate, from 50 euros for the 50 km modality to 170 euros for the 360 km modality. In the case of registration for the 200 km, registrations are already sold out. You can register directly on The Traka website.

Where can I rent a bike for The Traka?

If you are thinking of participating in The Traka and you would like to have a top bike for the event, you can rent a gravel bike in Girona to live an experience where you will have no excuses: a perfect bike and ready for your big meeting with Gravel.

Where can I stay for The Traka?

If you don't know where to stay, at Cycling Friendly we have some of the best cycling friendly accommodations in Girona. They have everything to please: a bike center with a tool shop, a bike wash station, a pool, some good spas… and comfortable rooms to rest before starting the Grand Finale "traka" which will be your participation in the event.

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