Mallorca 312

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2023-04-29 / 2023-04-29
Mallorca 312


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First of all: Have you run out of bib number for Mallorca 312? Easy: here we have registration packs + flight + priority box and a lot of extra options so you don't lack anything on the day of the test. Get your race number for the 2023 Mallorca 312 here.

A new edition of the island's best-known cycling event, Mallorca 312, is scheduled on April 29, 2023. With up to three different distances, registrations sell out year after year within hours.

Is this your year? Here are some aspects to consider before registering for Mallorca 312, an event that managed to bring 8,000 participants from all corners of the planet in 2022.

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Majorca is undoubtedly one of the great cycling destinations in Europe. Specialized cycling accommodations, a wide range of rental bikes and a large number of routes, especially for road bikes. Need more arguments about how much it's worth enjoying a cycling event in Majorca, we've prepared a cycling guide with everything you need to know. Reading it, enjoy a sense of cycling discovery and an undeniable desire to know Majorca. Guaranteed!

Why participating in Mallorca 312?

Let's face it: Mallorca 312 is currently the epic cycling event in Majorca, the island with the most cycling passion. Don't hesitate to be part of it!

Moreover, the three routes are very complete despite the different distances. All covering quite a large part of the Serra de Tramuntana, the cradle of some of the epic climbs, amazing landscapes and breathtaking viewpoints overlooking the sea.

The event is quite well established and it's no surprise that famous cyclists such as Alberto Contador and Joseba Beloki take part.

When is the next edition of the Mallorca 312 scheduled?

The new edition of the Mallorca 312 is scheduled on April 29, 2023.

Distances and routes

The smartest will surely have guessed that the name of the race corresponds to its distance. Yes: Mallorca 312, 312 km. It's the powerful distance that will ache your legs for at least a week, unless your name is Wout and your surname is Van Aert. Five thousand and several meters, so we leave the challenge to you and then you can decide what to do....

Fortunately, there are two other distances, but neither of them can be considered easy: 225 and 167 km respectively. And if we look at the positive slope of these two distances, we see that they are really far from easy: 3,500 m and 2,300 m vertical drop. Giving a good idea of how demanding they are.

The best part is that the organizers let you choose the distance until race day. This means that if you were really excited when you registered, but on race day your legs are shaking a bit, it's fine if instead of 312 km you choose a few kilometers less.

Training to consider for the long distance

Although Mallorca 312 is not characterized by dizzying climbs, 312 km can be extremely long if you don't have the right training. Keep in mind that the first 150 kilometers are pure mountain adventure, with countless climbs, turns, ascents and descents that can take your breath away. As a recommendation, in addition to working long distances, you should learn to manage your fatigue well, keeping in mind that the circuit is much more demanding in the first section.

Top climbs

Coll de Femenía

The daredevil who chooses the long distance will challenge up to 10 different climbs. Climbs like Coll den Bleda, Coll des Pi or Es Capdellà, which are certainly easier, others like Coll de Femenía, Coll d'en Claret and especially Puig Major are much more difficult.

Please note that the Mallorca 312 route has a first section clearly marked by climbs, the Serra de Tramuntana as its epicenter, and a practically flat second section. All climbs are in this first sector.

Registration fee and how to register?

Registrations for the Mallorca 312 2023 edition are currently closed and are on a waiting list. Luckily, Cycling Friendly offers you the possibility to purchase a Mallorca 312 package with a guaranteed place, accommodation included and the option to rent a bike for the event. You can book now before the seats run out by clicking on the image.

And if I suffer a bonk along the way?

Let's be optimistic and believe that this won't happen. But just in case, as long as you leave within the established times, the organization has a bus and a broom wagon that will take you, your bike and your bonking in a pack. And if you need medical assistance on the road, there's an emergency phone number.

Where to rent a bike for the Mallorca 312?

Now that you have come this far, we can tell you that at Cycling Friendly we offer several rental bikes for this cycling event. Don't believe us? Click here and discover all the options available.

Where to stay for the Mallorca 312?

Hotel Ciclista en Playa de Muro

Mallorca 312 starts in Playa de Muro, where you will find both hotels and holiday homes for cyclists, with a Cycling Center and a tool shop. Likewise, there are many spots near the area, such as Alcúdia or Pollença, offering specialized accommodation. We all know how important it is to stay close to the event starting area and in this case, it won't be for lack of accommodation offer :-).